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LP+CD SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION hosted in a very original fold-out cover, by composer Giuseppe Chiari (of Fluxus) and pianist Daniele Lombardi (futurist musik). Each LP is hand numbered, and contains two art prints by Giuseppe Chiari. The CD is hand-numbered and signed by Daniele Lombardi. The total selling copies of the bundle edition are limited to 130.

Giuseppe Chiari was one of the leading names associated first with Fluxus (being the only Italian member of the interdisciplinary art group since 1962) and later with Conceptual and Performance Art as well as Sound art. Coming from a background of different disciplines, he established new theoretical and practical standpoints in relation to music and art: his approach was always irreverent, walking the tightrope between to do or not to do, to say or not to say, while continually challenging the limits of language.

giuseppe chiari fluxus

The Die Schachtel vinyl LP (titled +/-) feature some of his previously unreleased and most intense pieces for piano, the musical instrument par excellence and emblem of conformist sound with which Giuseppe Chiari has a love-hate relationship, bestowing on it equal measures of ridicule and praise. It is also an amazing document of his last concert, with Frederic Rzewski (playing the 1964 groundbreaking piece "La Strada"), Giancarlo Cardini , Daniele Lombardi and Giuseppe Chiari himself. The limited CD edition by Daniele Lombardi, published in the occasion of his solo exhibition at Mudima Foundation in Milan, is the reissue of a 1978 piano sound exploration based upon a map of sky constellation, planned as the first step of a large work focused on the exposition and 'performance' of constellations maps, planetaria and maps of the heavens. It is a perfect counterpoint to the Chiari Edition, and it is hosted in a custom-made, silkscreened natural cardboard case, inserted in the fold out cover together with the LP.

GENRE: 20th Century avantgarde, Fluxus
LP + CD edition
eur 50