Die Schachtel is proud to present 220 Tones, a disc that points out a  crucial change in the artistic life of the well-known guitarist and composer Nicola Ratti. This brand new dimension strengthens the craftsmanship to which this amazing artist has accustomed us and, at the same time, marks out the discovery of a melodic side of rhythm and a new taste for electricity used as creative energy.
In 220 Tones, Nicola Ratti chose to play instruments that cannot live without electric tension, such as synthesizer, Farfisa organ, record player, electric guitar, reel-to-reel recorder and CRT television. The relationship between the material instruments and the untouchable electrical flow brightens the instruments themselves and creates a deep energy and an intense atmosphere that streams through the whole music. All this is merged with an innovative use of rhythm, forcing you to wander between techno and electro-acoustic music.
The perfect balance between all these features is proficiently combined with both the mastery of the musician and the imagination of the composer, making you feel the charm and seduction of live performance much more than the recording dimension. 220 Tones requires an intense and attentive listening and it should be enjoyed as a whole

GENRE: analog electronic, field recordings
Deluxe tri-fold digipack CD edition
15 euro