last edited in April 2007   


GENRE: Sound Poetry, Avantgarde, Sound Art
FORMAT: CD box (artist's multiple)
DESCRIPTION: Red lacquer wooden box (15x21x13 cm) containing: 13 x CD (format 3”), with music by Reiner Linz and spoken words by the artist, plus a‘”False Narratives” art sheets folder, and an original drawing on wood (16x13 cm). Based on the ‘False Narratives’ sound installation held at the Die Schachtel Gallery winter 2006






Operating across a range of disciplines including painting, drawing, poetry, performance and sound, Ruark Lewis playfully engages with the conventions and structures of language to suggest new and hidden meanings in everyday speech. Common to much of his practice is the technique of formal displacement, where words, phrases and images are detached from the stream of everyday information and translated into new visual and linguistic forms. The works featured in this exhibition utilise a simple process of laying out text letter by letter, ignoring such typographical standards as spacing and hyphenation. His 2004 work BANALITIES liberates headlines, slogans and other pieces of found text from their original contexts and places them on a series of banners. The FALSE NARRATIVES set of printed cards and FN lithographs utilise similar techniques, this time drawing on stories constructed by the artist. With their emphasis on form and arrangement, these works reveal the compelling visual properties of the printed word, while encouraging new and unpredictable associations. Also included in this exhibition are audio works produced by Rainer Linz, based on Ruark's recorded voice reading the texts, and exploring spatial and temporal processes using the spoken word.