last edited in April 2008    


Die Schachtel is proud to present a recording that embodies the virtuosity of Thollem McDonas and Stefano Scodanibbio in the spirit of Claude Debussy's rebellious creativity. 
As Terry Riley wrote: “Anyone who has heard Thollem or Scodanibbio as a soloist might well imagine what a combination of their unique genius could produce.  Awesome, well matched virtuosos in an ocean of sound." During the listening of this CD, you will witness the renowned talent of Scodanibbio, a 21st century Paganini, whose innovations on the contrabass inspired some of the most important composers of the XXth century, such as Cage, Berio, Scelsi and Stockhausen.  Thollem devised the improvisational scheme specifically for this occasion, demonstrating once again his distinctive sound and his unique approach to music.
This album was recorded on the only piano Claude Debussy owned the last 14 years of his life kindly loaned by the City of Brive-La-Gaillard and Musee Labenche of Art and History.  Thollem and Scodanibbio’s improvisational style creates a sonic flow, resulting in a unique combination of historical and contemporary musical genius. In his liner notes for this album Terry Riley continues, “an imaginative idea, wonderfully realized with virtuosity, improvisational mastery and intuitive communication of deep sensibility all residing here in the magical marriage of their artistry.”

GENRE: free improvisation, acoustic
DESCRIPTION: Deluxe tri-fold digipack CD edition
PRICE: 15 euro