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A special Die Schachtel edition, a deluxe box (with metallic design printed on matt silver) that contains all the Die Schachtel long sold out LP releases! The "metallic" series series was the starting point of all the Die Schachtel editions: this series (which still continues to present) on limited LP is mainly dedicated to the documentation of the archival and unreleased material from the most interesting (and often unknown) names of both the electronic avant-garde music and the sound-art scene, of the period 1960-1980. This special boxed edition has been created in order to give the opportunity to those who missed the now rare original editions to be able to find them now, even if in a very limited of 40 copies only, in a luxury boxset edition that actually includes the original first 5 LPs (containing all the inserts, booklets ecc.) issued for the silver series.

GENRE: electronic, electro-acoustic, early electronics, avantgarde, drones
FORMAT: 5 x LP box
sold out

Pietro Grossi "Musicautomatica" LP (DS 1)
our first release, an astonishing masterpiece of early electronica, published for the first time by DieSchachtel in a limited edition of 300 black vinyl LPs with a deluxe gatefold 'wallet' cover, with metallic design printed on matt silver an red, complete with a custom made transparent inner sleeve, and an exhaustive English/Italian booklet. Minimalist before the Minimalists (Progetto 2/3_1961), pioneer of Computer Music, founder of the Studio of Phonology of Florence, visual artist and hacker ahead of the time This was Pietro Grossi, a larger-than-life Italian and composer who questioned the concept of musical authorship (Collage_1968) the idea of personal artistic expression: "A piece is not only a 'work' (of art), but also one of the many 'works' one can freely transform: everything is temporary, everything can change at any time. "Ideas are not personal anymore, they are opened to every solution, everybody could use them" (Unicum_1985).
Enore Zaffiri "Musica Reticolare" LP (DS 2)
After almost forty years of creative activity, the name Enore Zaffiri still sounds "new", as his extraordinary artistic output has remained to a great extent unreleased. Pioneer of multimedia, electronic and ambient music (he founded the Turin Studio of Electronic Music in 1964) Zaffiri used the electronic instrument to find a new musical perspective based on a structuralist principle derived from Euclidean geometrics. From this principle he was able to determine the various sound parameters and formal and spatial dimensions of his compositions. He then started an interdisciplinary research which is still unremittingly going on today.
Franca Sacchi "En" LP (DS 4)
first release of any music from this time-obscured composer and the 3rd deluxe vinyl only presentation by Franca Sacchi of early electronic music is another sight for sore eyes. Gold cover gatefold wallet with additional gold foil design. custom made inner sleeve and an impressive well documented 8 page english/italian booklet. One of the very few female composer of early electronic music. Franca Sacchi studied at the famous RAI Studio of Fonologia in Milan in the 60s. and developed the En-static principle which included improvisation. electronic music. ritual. performance. teaching and meditation.
Domenico Guaccero "Rot" LP (DS 5)
This fantastic LP edition is the 4th in the "metallic" series, dedicated to the masters of Italian electronic music, is one of the most urgent, spontaneous-sounding and vibrant music ever captured on tape, performed by Elettronica Viva (Alvin Curran, Michiko Hirayama, Walter Branchi). With the great Alvin Curran at the synth, "ROT" is a lost gem of raw musical power, one of the most exciting pieces of electroacoustic music around

Marino Zuccheri "Parete 67" LP (DS 8)
This great work has been totally forgotten since today - this record is in fact a world premiere, and the final act of justice towards a man that contributed so much to the birth and development of Electronic Music. Marino Zuccheri was the sound engineer of the famous Milan RAI (Italian Broadcasting Company) Electronic Music Studio, and he helped Berio, Nono, Maderna, Cage, Pousseur among the others, to give birth to some of the great masterpieces of early electronica. In 1967 the painter Emilio Vedova was appointed by the Italian Government to create an installation for the Italian Pavilion of the Montreal Expo. The result is Parete (Wall) 1967, a spectacular and intense 30-minutes loop of pure and intense electronics, a magmatic cascade of harsh sounds and deep drones, and a fantastic counterpart to the harsh and expressionistic painting of Vedova.