A joyful product of mutual understanding  between this two outstanding composers, described by Manuel Zurria in the  booklet with the following words: “Philip gave me the key to enter a secret  and wonderful room, full of fabulous things and made me discover a part of me  I did not know.”
Much more than a journey through sound, this work is a  reflection on our modern world and the role played by music and sounscapes.  It’s a journey through traditional instruments and modern techniques of sound  production, from the usual electronic ones to the ultimate icon of  contemporary society: the iPhone. Here, music has been reduced to a mere  suggestion, a medium used in order to discover the potential of the player,  plucking at his heartstrings. The wide range of sounds shares a common feature  of the composers’ will: to experience music as a whole, without limits and  boundaries related to the specific instrumental destination. Two worlds melt  here and the results of this blessed encounter is well expressed by the title.  Enjoy.

GENRE: analog electronic, field recordings
Deluxe tri-fold digipack CD edition
15 euro