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Die Schachtel in collaboration with O' artspace is proud to present a deluxe DVD featuring six experimental films by Phill Niblock from the late sixties. Anybody familiar with the name of Phill Niblock would probably characterise his work by the sound of long sonorous drones producing rich overtones, usually combined with a visual element, as Niblock before moving into composition was an active photographer and filmmaker. While he usually is known for his films from the "movement of people working" series alongside performances of his music, Niblock's early works stand apart as unique objects. The integrity and consistency of his style is fully on display in these seldomly seen screened 16mm sound films wonders, that are:
MORNING (1966-69)  from an idea by Phill Niblock and Jean Claude Van Itallie, filmed by PN, text by Lee Worley and Michael Corner, with members of the Open Theater Group.Black and White 16mm film. THE MAGIC SUN (1966 - 68) with members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, music by Sun Ra and the Arkestra. Filmed with a high contrast Black and White 16mm film. DOG TRACK (1969)  A film by Phill Niblock, with a found text read by Barbara Porte. Color 16mm film. ANNIE (1968)  A  portrait of the dancer Ann Danoff, with a sound collage sound track. Color 16mm film. MAX (1966 - 68) An image collage film /portrait of Max Neuhaus, with a collage sound track by Max Neuhaus. Black and White 16mm film. RAOUL (1968 - 69) A portrait of the painter Raoul Middleman, with extensive use of time-lapse film technique. The sound track is improvised by Raoul Middleman and Phill Niblock. Color 16mm film.

GENRE: expanded cinema, experimental, sound art
DESCRIPTION: Deluxe tri-fold Limited Edition of 500 copies. NTSC, PAL, All Region DVD, Stereo, run time: 86 minutes, 4:3 format.
20 euro

phill niblock six films