last edited in April 2007    


Based on a series of 33 musical ideas written, printed, framed and “exposed” in a recent installation in Milan, Exposè is the first of a new cycle of works as well as the result of Alessandro Bosetti's fascination with speech loops. The mesmerizing voice of Audrey Chen, endlessy repeating the same sentence over the entire duration of each piece, is full of musical nuances, and it rewards close attention. The result is a weird and fascinating experience, that takes the listener through a surreal sonic space. The misty, microtonal electronics and instrumental layers are arranged and recorded in an extremely precise fashion. The slowly shifting speech-derived rhythmical patterns provide a subtle, low-key backdrop to the vocal parts, perhaps suggesting the option of adopting an ambient-like listening strategy, while at the same time the use of headphones will enhance the work's strangely compelling blend of the surreal and hypnotic.

GENRE: extended vocals, drone, electronic
FORMAT: CD digipack
DESCRIPTION: Deluxe tri-fold digipack CD edition
PRICE: 15 euro

GENRE: extended vocals, drone, electronic
FORMAT: Audio CD + 34 art sheets in a special
cover with hand drawn translucent dustjacket,
numbered and signed by the author.

sold out
DESCRIPTION: 33 art sheets presenting the musical ideas that generated the compositions on the CD. The complete series was printed, framed and “exposed” in a recent installation at the O'Artoteca art gallery in Milan, in march 2007. The minimalistic design is the result of a collaborative work with Die Schachtel's designer Dinamo, who has typographically interpreted Alessandro's surprising conceptual “scores”, expanding the music into a visual territory that gives a completely new listening perspective to the fascinating music of this very creative musicians.

Europe is a castle Elsewhere you find a discomfort that is both daily and cruel. After much traveling, it is absolutely necessary to release certain ideas. They clog one's head. Some have already been carried out. Others will be in the future. Others still are impossible to carry out because they lack any tangible interests. Traveling outside of Europe doesn't require any report. To continue traveling, however, it's necessary to get some space from all the things that filled your mind during the delays, queues, the endless transfers. Perhaps, over the years, the restlessness of whoever that couldn't survive a week locked up in a cell is mitigated by the experience of repetitive comebacks. The castle threatens to collapse. The differences are effaced while the discomfort appears benevolent. Trophies become objects of daily use.