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Yuri Kalendarev
15|03|2007 -  30|03|2007

Die Schachtel is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Yuri Kalendarev.
Belonging to the generation of underground “non-conformist” artists, the dissidents of the 70s, Yuri Kalendarev has employed various media to develop the outcome of his research that explores the intersection of sculpture and sound vibrations.
The Sound Plates are forged out of acoustic bronze compounds by hammers and fire, in order to generate a large range of frequency oscillations that allow multiple interactions with our being. In redefining the concept of sculpture in pure sound terms, the work of Yuri Kalendarev extends an explores a new aural experience beyond the sound itself


dopo 30 anni di lavoro nell'arte ambientale e nella scultura, Yuri Kalendarev presenta gli ultimi sviluppi della sua ricerca artistica, una modalità di lavoro nuova e radicale basata sulla vibrazione sonora. I Sound Plates sono sculture sonore in bronzo, forgiate attraverso una tecnica di intonazione capace di rivelare una straordinaria gamma di risonanze, che invitano ad una partecipazione totalizzante. Nel ridefinire il concetto di scultura in termini di puro suono, il lavoro di Yuri Kalendarev indaga le nuove possibili dimensioni attraverso cui farne esperienza

Yuri Kalendarev, sculptor, was born in Leningrad, USSR.

1963-67 Studies engineering at Leningrad Aircraft Institute and sculpture at Yusupov Palace, Leningrad.

1968-69 Service in Soviet Army.

1970-73 Studies monumental sculpture at the Higher Institute of Industrial Art, Leningrad. First involvement with non-conformist art-movement. Studies stone carving at “Monumentsculptura”, Leningrad.

1974-75 Takes part in first “Leningrad non-conformist” exhibition at Nevsky Dvoretz, Leningrad. Takes part in the first underground exhibitions of “Group Aleph”, Leningrad and Moscow.

1976 Obtains permission to leave USSR. Arrives in Israel.

1976 Establishment of permanent residence in Artist's Village Ein Hod, Israel.

1977 Service in Israeli Army .

1978-79 Teaches sculpture at Haifa University.

1979 First travel to Carrara, Italy.

1980 Establishes studio in Carrara, Italy.

1992 First return to Russia.

1992 First light – works.

1992-95 “Column of Light” Light project for the city of St. Petersburg.

1994 Begins to study calligraphy with Prof. Ruan ZongVa and Shodo with Rev. Jomyo Tanaka.

1995 “Project for Kilian” Light environment for the city of Kiel, Germany.

1998 First golden light works.

2002 First sound sculptures.

2004 First sound performances.


• ”Beyond the Sound”, Sound Sculptures, Auditorium del Palazzo dei Congressi, Institute of Clinical Physiology of National Centre of Research, Pisa, Italy.

"Cardio 21", Sound Sculpture & Sound Performance for Cardiological Symoposium, Auditorium del Palazzo dei Congressi, Florence, Italy.

"Sound Sculptures", Together with Pierre Favre, Crypt of Grossmunster, Zurich. Switzerland

• "Sound Sculptures", Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa di Pomaia, Italy.

"Kursk", Sound Sculptures, Grossmunster, Zurich, Switzerland.

2004 "Kursk", Sound Sculptures, The Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", for The Museum of Nonconformist Art, The Society “Free Culture" and The Art Center " Pushkinskaya-10", S.Petersburg, Russia.


• "Golden Beat" - Project for Nazarian building of Music Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

1995 “Requiem”, House am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany

1990 “ Project for Seltenleer” Heidelberger Castle. “Blue – color of distance” , Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany

1989 “Project for Water Tower” for LVAA Water Tower, Louisville, KY, USA

1986 “Project for Tefen”, Open Museum,Tefen, Galilee, Israel

1980 “Gravitation”, Project for Art 14'83, Basel, Switzerland

1982 “Gravitation. About anchors”, Perspective 13'82, Basel, Switzerland


1990 Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany

1989 Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Duren, Germany

1984 Gallery Schoeneck, Riehen, Switzerland

1983 Thorens Fine Art AG, Basel, Switzerland

1984 Lopez Gallery AG, Zürich, Switzerland

1982 Gallery Court Saint-Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland

1981 “Perspective 82” ART 13'82, Basel, Switzerland

1980 Debel Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

1979 Goldman's Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel

1974 Arena Stage, Washington D.C. USA


2004 "10 Sound Plates for Saint Petersburg" , Sound installation & Sound performance, The Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", for The Museum of Nonconformist Art, The Society “Free Culture" and The Art Center “Pushkinskaya-10”, S.Petersburg, Russia

1996 “Bread and Light” , Sofienholm Museum, Copenhagen, Dennemark

1995 “Bread and Light” , Russian State Museum, S.Petersburg, Russia

1995 “Earth and Light”, National Art Gallery, Oslo, Norway

1995 First International Symposium of stone sculpture, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Russia

1994 “Bread and Light” , Contemporary Art Museum, Sopot, Poland

1994 Selbstindentifikation, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany

1991 “The presence of the absent”, University Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1991 Kunst auf Landesgartenchau, Hockenheim, Germany

1989 LVAA Water Tower, Louisville, KY, USA

1989 “Solitude. Plane and project”, Solitude Palace, Stuttgart, Germany

1988 Rathaus, Mainz, Germany

1988 Weiterbildungszentrum, Dusseldorf, Germany

1987 Kubus, Hannover, Germany

1985 Lopes Gallery AG, Zürich, Switzerland

1984 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

1982 Goldman-Kraft Gallery, Chicago, USA

1980 Two-man show with Tatsumi Oki, Ein-Hod, Israel

1980 The International Symposium of Marble Sculpture, Carrara, Italy

1980 “The Marble Pavilions”, Carrara, Italy.

1978-79 “From Moscow to Jerusalem, Art in Transformation”, traveling exhibition, USA.

1978 Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, Canada

1978-79 “Those who came from Russia”, Kar Gallery of Fine Art, Toronto, Canada

1978 National Art Center, Ottawa, Canada

1977 Israel Art Center, Jerusalem, Israel

1976-77 “12 from Soviet Underground”, traveling exhibition, USA, Canada

1975 “GROUP ALEF” Moscow, USSR

1975 First exhibition of “GROUP ALEF”, Leningrad, USSR

1975 “Leningrad's non-conformists”, Gaza Palace, Leningrad, USSR