Musica Improvvisa is a cutting-edge project of multi-sensorial improvisation, an open dialogue among different musical experiences, narratives and aesthetics that charters the unexplored soundscape of the telluric territory of the new Italian improvised Music. Ten groups that spans from the South to the North of Italy, from the well-known to the totally obscure, whose music goes from an harsh assault to the ear to a visionary post-electronic/post everything free-form structure. The brilliant outcome has been lovely packaged by Die Schachtel in a deluxe box featuring 10 full length CD albums in a series of painstakingly designed individual CD/LP sleeves (one has also an additional DVD of visual scores) PLUS a 24-pages booklet AND a poster.
The names in this essential first edition are:
A SPIRALE (Massimo Spezzaferro, Maurizio Argenziano, Mario Gabola);
AMP 2 (Domenico Sciajno, Dario Sanfilippo, Antonino Secchia, Gandolfo Pagano, Andrea Valle);
AMULETO (Francesco Dillon, Riccardo Wanke);
AN EXPERIMENT IN NAVIGATION (Xabier Iriondo, Roberto Sassi);
LIGATURA (Alessandro Giachero, Maurizio Rinaldi, Andrea Lamacchia, Fabrizio Saiu);
OSSATURA + GENE COLEMAN & MARINA PETERSON (Elio Martusciello, Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci);
THAU (Sabina Meyer, Hans Koch, Paed Conca, Fabrizio Spera);
TUMBLE (Andrea Belfi, Attila Faravelli);
WINTERMUTE (Xabier iriondo, Cristiano Calcagnile, Massimo Falascone);
XUBUXUE (CD+DVD) (Pietro D'agostino, Marco Ariano, Elio Martusciello, Gianfranco Tedeschi).

GENRE: Free Improvisation
10CD + 1DVD + Booklet + Poster
DESCRIPTION: Deluxe edition, silver and gloss varnish print. Limited to 500 copies
PRICE: 50 euro